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12/12/13 UPDATE:
  • 2 Pages that show the list of heroes and villains, along with the available tags (HeroesList.aspx and VillainsList.aspx) and from where, the user can see more details about him/her (Details.aspx). In the detail page, the user can see more informa- tion about the character, post his comment, see comments from other users and tag the character.
  • 1 Page (NewExistingCharacter.aspx) where the user can add a new, existing already in the marvel universe, character and a confirmation page (confirmation.aspx) after adding him/her.
  • In the CharacterByTag.aspx, the user can see all the characters categorized by tags
  • 3 Pages(Profile.aspx, EditProfile.aspx, ShowAllUsers.aspx) concerning the registration of a user and,then, making/editing the profile for a user and showing all the registered users.

Note: There are many things need to be done in the design of the site and many other functionalities are to added in the near future.

25/12/13 UPDATE:
  • 2 Pages Added (CustomMadeHeroes.aspx and CustomMadeVillains.aspx) which display characters (heroes and villains) that are created and posted by users. (their creations). Also 1 Page that confirms the addition of the character.
  • 1 Page (NewCustomMadeCharacter.aspx) that allows user to add his own fictional character.
  • Change in the design in various pages. The details.aspx page shows a simple rating system, that allows users to rate an existing character.

Note: My next goal is to make a image gallery for each character, and users can see,add,comment and rate characters.

29/12/13 UPDATE:
  • 1 Page (CharacterPictures.aspx) that shows, for each existing character, an image gallery (using a listview).

*1 Page (CustomMadeDetalis.aspx) that show more details for each custom made character that a user has added. Also, the user can post his comments about him and rate him.
  • Some changes in the design of pages CustomMadeHeroes.aspx, CustomMadeVillains.aspx, HeroesList.aspx, VillainsList.aspx, and SiteMaster.

31/12/13 UPDATE:

*1 new Page (AddPictureConfirmation.aspx) that confirms the add of a new picture of a character

*1 new Page (showOnePicture.aspx) that is used to show each picture of a listview in this separate page

*1 new Page (CMCharactersPictures.aspx) that show , for each custom made character, an image gallery (using a listview).

*Changes in 3 Page (CharacterPictures.aspx, CustomMadeHeroes.aspx, CustomMadeVillians.aspx)

8/1/14 UPDATE:

*1 new Page (showOneCMPicture.aspx) that is used to show each picture of a listview in this separate page and you can comment and rate each picture.

*In the showOnePicture.aspx you can rate and comment its separate picture.

*Changes in the design of the Site.Master and in the Default.aspx

9/1/14 UPDATE:
  • In the pages showing the list of heroes/villains (existing and custom made) I added a simple search engine

*1 new page about.aspx and 1 new page Contact.aspx

*Various minor design changes

11/1/14 UPDATE:
  • Change in default.aspx, where top rated characters and pictures are shown at the bottom
  • Change in the showAllUsers.aspx, where a search function has been added

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