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This is the project for the online module Web Scripting and Application Development at the university
of Hertfordshire.

My purpose is to develop a Web 2.0 site about Marvel’s Superheroes. It is intended not a be a news site, but more like a database of existing heroes where a user is encouraged to add new heroes and see what other heroes have been added by other users. Moreover, I would like to provide an option for users to contribute their own superhero, giving a story about his hero, his powers and a picture they have possibly designed.

Concerning the functionalities of my site, I am thinking about a structure of different web pages, which they will have options such as the following:

 Home web page to guide the user through the available options.
 Web page where users can see all the available heroes and some basic information about them.
 Web page with more details about them (pictures, background story, etc.).
 Web page where a user can contribute to the site with new superheroes.
 (Separate) web page where a user can see superheroes created by other users.
 (Separate) web page where the user can contribute to the site with his own superhero.

Furthermore, a new user can become member of the site, through a registration process and create his own unique profile. Being a registered user, he can have full access to the site, in contrast with an unregistered user who can only see the home page and maybe one or two other web pages. Also, he can add his comment about a hero, rate him and like him. Also, I am planning on implementing a tagging system and a search system, where a user add his own tag(s) for a hero and can search if a hero exists in the site, respectively.
In general, I want to make the site user friendly and functional. Also, I will search for functionalities that are not mentioned in this report and try to implement them in my site, if possible and suitable for it.

For the first assignment, the project contains a web page called addNumbers.aspx, which take 2 numbers from the user and calculates and displays the sum of them.

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